OZOn The Square


Coffee Emporium

We don’t just serve coffee – we serve up community. Shop, rest and enjoy the square. 

Coffee Club

Best Friends are made at the bottom of a cup of coffee. We can’t wait to visit.

Our Beans

We are so excited to share with the story that each bean can tell. Jolly Good Time!

We believe that a warm beverage warms the soul and we are honored to offer a gathering spot for Granbury natives and visitors alike.  We invite you to come in to have a familiar cup of coffee, to enjoy light snack, have a glass of wine, drink a cold craft beer,  shop for gifts or even stay the night!

Located on Granbury Square

Created by the conviction that we need, more than ever,  places for community.  We love that our coffee bar is a meeting place for tourists and locals alike to have a coffee with friends or colleagues.

Most Popular

Taste the coffee, shop for gifts, look for a new home, spend the night. Oz On The Square – That’s where you’ll find me!


2 oz Spro + 6 oz Milk



2 oz Spro + 1 oz Milk



2 oz Spro + 6 oz Milk



2 oz Honduras Estrella Lenca


Glinda's Cold Brew

Cold brew, Sparkling Crazy Water


House Iced Tea​

Nepal Black Tea


Caffe Latte

2 oz Spro + 12 oz Milk



Vanilla Lovers Latte


Tin Man

Chocolate Lovers



Caramel Lovers


Wicked Witch

Macha Lovers



Chai Lovers


The Best Coffee in the Land

We serve our coffees daily with our barista know-how and enthusiasm. Our desire is to discover the different qualities, tastes and characteristics of each of our coffees through various types of extractions and to share this with you. Come on in, take a sip, and explore with us!

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